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“In 1999 a group of us formed the Glacier Fund to be the park’s non-profit fundraising partner – now the Glacier Conservancy. Since then, I have given regularly, and will to the end of my time. A tradition I have prepped my children and grandchildren to follow.”

George Bristol, Texas

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2022 Highlights

$3.5 Million in Funding to Glacier National Park

45 Projects completed

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  • 149 Songbirds banded to monitor productivity and survivorship
  • 3,000 Migrating Raptors counted during Hawk Watch
  • 235 Citizen Scientists conducted goat and loon surveys
  • 68 Wolverine hair samples collected for analysis


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      • 127 Astronomy Programs
      • 24 Students from the Boys & Girls Club participated in the Glacier in Focus program
      • 3 NPS Academy participants completed internships
      • ZERO Zebra Mussels found on 7,000 inspected boats
      Two people moving gravel on a trail.
        • Swiftcurrent Accessible Trail 70% complete
        • 48 Campsites renovated or improved
        • 400 Historic Lantern Slides digitized
        • 5 Acres of noxious weeds removed
        • 6 Propane Recycling fuel bins installed


        Project Updates and News

        Staff Picks: Our Favorite Stuff

        Staff Picks: Our Favorite Stuff

        With so much great gear benefiting the park, it can be tough to choose the perfect items from the Glacier Conservancy Park Store. We've narrowed it down to some of our personal top picks so you can find your faves!Staff PicksColorful Wildflower Hydro Flask  “This...

        Protecting Native Fish in Glacier

        Protecting Native Fish in Glacier

        Glacier National Park is well known for its stunning vistas, iconic megafauna, and pristine waters – but beneath the surface lies a hidden world locked in a perilous balance. Glacier is home to dwindling populations of westslope cutthroat trout and bull trout, which face the ever-looming threat of extirpation (local extinction) due, in large part, to competition with invasive species.

        Unraveling the Mystery of Golden Eagle Nests

        Unraveling the Mystery of Golden Eagle Nests

        A juvenile eagle spreads its wings. Photo by BJ Worth - In Glacier National Park, where the air is crisp and the mountains are steep, a remarkable bird can be found soaring on thermals across the expanse of blue sky. The golden eagle is a giant of...

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        Respect Tribes and Tribal Lands

        The Blackfeet Reservation is located along the eastern edge of Glacier National Park. Please take a moment to learn how to be a respectful traveler on tribal lands by reading the information on the Recreate Responsibly on Tribal Lands web page.